Information regarding Hand Written Passports

1. Information on approval for Temporary passports:

In a condition of possible illegal stay in abroad by not being able to make MRP, a condition when someone may lose his/her job employment or not being able to process for the same job after sending him/her with one way travel document to the country of origin, he/she will be issued a temporary hand written passport with validity not more than 9 months only if he/she has applied for MRP. The temporary hand written passport should be cancelled after the issuance of new mrp. An approval from concerned diplomatic missions is necessary to issue temporary hand written passport.

2. Information regarding to return Nepal with valid hand written passport:

Nepalese government has issued hand written passports until an expiry date of 2020. Hand written passports will not be in service after November, 24, 2015. However, if you have a direct flight from your current resident country to Nepal without any transit, you are allowed to use this hand written passport for travel purposes. But, you may need to inform your current resident country and get pre-approved prior to the flight.

3. Emergency one way travel documents are issued only and only if you are returning back to Nepal.

4. MRP passports are/will be issued continuously even after November 24, 2015

5. Regardless with above mentioned temporary travel documents, we urge/request every Nepalese people to apply for MRP passports as soon as possible.